Buy Custom Wheels Online

Let’s face it you can do many things to your truck but adding a set of custom wheels and tires surely gives you the best bang for your buck. A new set of wheels makes a statement that can be seen from far away. In fact many times if I am walking through a parking lot going to the grocery store a truck with a cool set of wheels will always catch my eye. So it makes sense that this should be one of the first additions we make to our new truck.

Now with the power of the internet it has streamlined things just a bit.. No it has streamlined things a lot hasn’t it. It does however leave us with a dilemma and that is which wheels do I choose? This can be a very tough decision and can take some time to figure out. So what I have done is put together a list of checks to help you narrow down your search.

1) How will I use my truck and will my choice in wheels effect the performance or use of my truck?

2) How much are the tires going to cost for the rims I have chosen?

3) Do I want to spend time waxing or polishing my wheels or should I go with something maintenance free like Chrome? (at a higher cost of course)

4) What other accessories am I going to add to my truck and how will my rim decision effect the end appearance?

5) What color rims or finish will best match my truck?

So we have covered some good questions to ask yourself before even looking at some wheels. Hopefully this will narrow down what you are looking for. If you have answered these questions you will hopefully know what size custom wheels you want and what color or finish you would like to go with. Now it really boils down to what style?

A note about wheel styles! There are many styles of wheels to choose from as we all know, however some things to consider are, how easy are the wheels to clean? Ask anyone who has had wire wheels for example and they will tell you that the maintenance is overwhelming on this style of wheel. My point is that you want to choose a design that you can easily get in there and clean all the groves. I go by the fact that smoother seems to be better. A simple but good looking wheel design is easily cleaned and maintained compared to something with a lot happening such as the wire wheel.

So hopefully I have helped you in your quest for a new set of custom wheels for your truck. I have covered some things that I have found over the years and since you will be shopping online for your wheels this should help you in narrowing down your selection and make your wheel purchase much easier. If anything the questions asked will at least open your mind to think ahead on your wheel purchase and make sure you choose something that is both practical and at the same time will improve the appearance of your truck in the way you are hoping.