Mercedes Wheels – Some Insights

Cool, but classy and incredibly stylish not only describes you but also your Mercedes wheels. The Mercedes was manufactured back in 1901 and it is still one of the highest ranking luxury cars in the world. A luxury car of the highest quality like the Mercedes deserves some high end wheels to complete the total package. Purchasing new wheels for your Mercedes will not only improve the overall look of your vehicle but it will also give you that big ego boost you have been longing for. People cannot resist the temptation to stare at a clean and sporty Mercedes with the wheels to complement and the attention is quite flattering.

Having a Mercedes and properly caring for it can be the single most difficult job for some Mercedes owners; you have to treat your vehicle as your prized possession . This means you have to get frequent oil changes, tune-ups, car washes and of course keep your wheels fresh. By having Mercedes wheels of the highest quality on your car, it will ensure top speed and top performance.

Luxury is as luxury does. Mercedes wheels are a fine way of saying to the world. “Look at me and all I have to offer.” What good is showing off your toy if you are not going to go all out and buy all of the accessories to go along with it? Image is everything. You obviously made this luxury purchase because you not only could afford to buy your Mercedes but you wanted to have it as a showcase item. Your vehicle directly reflects the type of person that you are; it shows your character as the vehicle owner. Think of it this way, you would never go outside of your home without having the perfect shoes to match your dress or suit; this is the exact same concept, only in this scenario, your shoes are now your Mercedes wheels.

You have to protect your investment. In this life, you truly do get what you pay for. What are the best Mercedes wheels? This can be best answered by doing a bit of online research and if you are person who knows nothing about wheels; make your research more extensive so that you do not get taken advantage of by merchants who profit from your lack of Mercedes wheels knowledge. You have to take a lot of things into consideration when purchasing new Mercedes wheels. You want to ensure you have the right wheels for the right make and model. Again, you can research companies online that you can directly purchase your wheels from but the most important factor will be the weight of your wheels. The lighter the weight of your wheels, the more comfortable the suspensions will be.

So assuming you have found the perfect Mercedes wheels, your final step is to keep them in great condition to allow them to continue to operate for a long period of time with efficient performance. Even if you are someone who is always on the road, there are many steps you can take to ensure you are properly caring for your wheels and practicing these steps will ensure perfection. Please take the time to purchase the proper cleaning solutions for your Mercedes wheels. Using home based products can severely damage your vehicle causing unnecessary blemishes due to the chemical components, so please avoid this very lucrative mistake. Clean your wheels when they contain a cool temperature with a mild soap and water so that the temperature will make it easier for the soap to run off of the wheels. Be sure to dry your wheels thoroughly. Now that you have your Mercedes wheels, you can drive off in style.

Buy Custom Wheels Online

Let’s face it you can do many things to your truck but adding a set of custom wheels and tires surely gives you the best bang for your buck. A new set of wheels makes a statement that can be seen from far away. In fact many times if I am walking through a parking lot going to the grocery store a truck with a cool set of wheels will always catch my eye. So it makes sense that this should be one of the first additions we make to our new truck.

Now with the power of the internet it has streamlined things just a bit.. No it has streamlined things a lot hasn’t it. It does however leave us with a dilemma and that is which wheels do I choose? This can be a very tough decision and can take some time to figure out. So what I have done is put together a list of checks to help you narrow down your search.

1) How will I use my truck and will my choice in wheels effect the performance or use of my truck?

2) How much are the tires going to cost for the rims I have chosen?

3) Do I want to spend time waxing or polishing my wheels or should I go with something maintenance free like Chrome? (at a higher cost of course)

4) What other accessories am I going to add to my truck and how will my rim decision effect the end appearance?

5) What color rims or finish will best match my truck?

So we have covered some good questions to ask yourself before even looking at some wheels. Hopefully this will narrow down what you are looking for. If you have answered these questions you will hopefully know what size custom wheels you want and what color or finish you would like to go with. Now it really boils down to what style?

A note about wheel styles! There are many styles of wheels to choose from as we all know, however some things to consider are, how easy are the wheels to clean? Ask anyone who has had wire wheels for example and they will tell you that the maintenance is overwhelming on this style of wheel. My point is that you want to choose a design that you can easily get in there and clean all the groves. I go by the fact that smoother seems to be better. A simple but good looking wheel design is easily cleaned and maintained compared to something with a lot happening such as the wire wheel.

So hopefully I have helped you in your quest for a new set of custom wheels for your truck. I have covered some things that I have found over the years and since you will be shopping online for your wheels this should help you in narrowing down your selection and make your wheel purchase much easier. If anything the questions asked will at least open your mind to think ahead on your wheel purchase and make sure you choose something that is both practical and at the same time will improve the appearance of your truck in the way you are hoping.

Basic Informative Data About Bicycle Wheel

Replacing your bicycle wheels is one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can perform. Your bike will climb, sprint and stop better with a lighter wheelset. Typically, bicycle wheels consist of 4 main components – the rims, the hubs the spokes and spoke nipples.  Take a look at the site here: wheel shop Marysville


The part of the wheel that your tire fits onto are the wheel rims. There will be a number of small holes to accept the spokes and a larger hole for the tyre valve. On more expensive rims the spoke holes may also have brass eyelets to strengthen the hole and spread load.

On road bike wheels, the side of the rim will have machined braking surfaces. The braking surface sometimes has a groove in it (a ‘wear indicator’).

Most modern MTB wheels will use disc brakes. The brake disc will be bolted to the hub.

Rim Materials & Construction

Typically, bicycle wheel rims are made from aluminium. During manufacture, the aluminium rim is extruded and then chopped into lengths. These lengths are bent into circles and then the ends are pinned together to join them.

Lighter wheels mean that your bike will accelerate faster and hill-climbing will be easier. Some cheaper bikes will use steel for rims and hubs. Steel rims are heavier and wet weather braking can be poor.

Top of the range wheelsets for triathlon and time trialling often use carbon fiber in their construction.


The centre part of the wheel is the hub. The bearings that allow the wheel to spin are housed in the hub. The axle also runs through the centre of the hub. The spokes of the wheel are laced into holes in the hub flanges.


Spokes are basically lengths of wire with a screw thread at one end and a bend (the ‘elbow’) at the other. The cheapest spokes are plain steel. Rust-free stainless steel can also be used to decrease weight. To decrease spoke weight further spokes can be ‘butted’. This means the spoke is fatter at the ends (where most stress happens) and narrower in the middle. Aerodynamic wheels will use flat bladed spokes to lessen air resistance. Flat spokes cut through the air better than round spokes.

The more spokes a bike wheel has, the stronger (and heavier) the wheel will be. The fewer spokes a wheel has, the lighter and more aerodynamic the wheel is. Spoke counts range from around 20 (a front wheel suitable for racing) to 48 (a rear wheel suitable for touring with very heavy luggage or a tandem bicycle). The larger the number of spokes, the longer the spokes should last before breaking – stress being shared among more spokes.

Spoke Lacing Patterns

Spokes are fitted to a wheel in various patterns. Most common is the 3-cross or 4-cross pattern. This means that each spoke crosses 4 or 4 others between the hub and the rim.

On a radial-spoked wheel, the spokes do not cross any others – this allows fewer spokes to be used and saves weight. Usually only front wheels use radial spoking and then usually only on high-performance bicycles. A radially spoked rear wheel would not effectively transfer the drive-torque from the sprocket to the wheel rim.

Some high performance rear wheels use a different spoke lacing pattern on each side e.g. radial lacing on one side and 2 cross the on the other – the cross laced side transfers drive to the rim. So, if you want to improve the performance of your bike, choose the best wheelset you can afford…